Our Success Stories

Our Customers are our advocates !!

Keeping and Growing our Customers and helping them suceed is our #1 Imperative. Every success story, has not only been a unique learning experience, but also entirely enriching, in our ability to work well together and build an everlasting relationship with our customers. Every project without exception has brought in unique differentiation and value to the customer and as testament to our diligent work ethic, delivery of quality and value, are our numerous referal customers who came from word of mouth.

Our customers were able to use our technology and services to deliver great operational efficiencies, cost savings, disruptive differentiation, increased profits, greater customer and employee experience and ultimately incremental shareholder value. We highlight below our select customer success stories and use cases:

Customer success in the new digital economy !!

Secure VAS

With Telco and ISP revenues facing increasing challenges in growing or keeping ARPU sustained, delivering innovative VAS solutions has been a great way for Telecom providers to increase ARPU, stickiness and wallet share.

The Cognisy VAS offerings structured into 3 key VAS offerings viz; Consumer Behavior, Network and Enterprise. The offerings are delivered almost at no additional cost and in a flexible model that delivers incremental revenue and profits. The products below are designed to bring disruptive differentiation, increased profits, greater customer experience and significant value add to our Telco customers. We highlight below our select VAS services offering:

Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things solutions are connecting the digital and physical worlds in innovative ways with pioneering business results. It helps achieve higher levels of operating efficiencies through realtime visibility into performance data through intelligent data collection and analytics. The Internet of Things (IoT) can not only help your business get ahead today, its powerful outcomes and analytics can propel your business far into the future. @Cognisy we help companies harness the power of IoT to deliver transformative outcomes and tangible business value.

The Cognisy IoT practice delivers several IoT applications through a sensor agnostic centralized hosted platform that provides standards based realtime advanced data collection, analytics and graphical representation of control data. The platform powers advanced IoT solutions out of the box such as Smart Energy, Health IoT, Telematics, Security Surveillance and Digital Oilfields.


Today's digital economy is a key driver for innovation and competitiveness, leveling the playing field for Small to Medium businesses. Our vision is to "deliver inventive and transformational agility in business using strategies that demonstrates quantifiable incremental benefits and growth.

@ Cognisy we focus on implementing digital tools and strategies effectively and economically, bringing changes in how business work, communicate, market and sell, separating them from businesses that fail to embrace technology and social transformation in today's workplace. Simply put, we assist business thrive in the new digital economy !!. We offer SME's, Government's and Educational Institutions, key solutions towards helping achieve their digital transformation objectives.


Our consulting services focus on our customers' most critical issues and opportunities for growth: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, product engineering and customer experience in Telco's, ISP's and Enterprises. We bring practical, hands-on, deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic approach and perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have a proven multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Our world class senior consultants with cross functional experience come from various continents of the world specializing in applying practical experience and time tested practices, superimposed with the new Digital, AI, Data Sciences and RPA approach to deliver digital transformation in your business quickly and affordably.