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Our consulting services focus on our customers' most critical issues and opportunities for growth: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, product engineering and customer experience in Telco's, ISP's and Enterprises. We bring practical, hands-on, deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic approach and perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have a proven multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Our world class senior consultants with cross functional experience come from various continents of the world specializing in applying practical experience and time tested practices, superimposed with the new Digital, AI, Data Sciences and RPA approach to deliver digital transformation in your business quickly and affordably.

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Digital Transformation

We dream, breath, live and execute Digital Transformation for our partners and customers. We continously strive in seeing opportunity and solutions, delivering real results leveraging thousands of man years of strategic and hands-on experience using the latest in best practices and technology. With over 90+ man years of strategic leadership experience in Telecom, Technology, Distribution and Industry Solutions, our unique approach and business model delivers quick results and turnarounds for our customers.

Our expertise extends from delivering platform and customized software solutions in areas such as Industrial IoT, Secure Value Added Services, IPTV, Cloud Automation, RPA, Data Sciences & E-Marketplaces to practical Consulting and Services in digitally transforming your business, offering your business an unfair advantage versus your competition.

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SME Solutions

In any Economy SME's are a critical part of the GDP. They also account for the fastest growth of any segment and are easily approachable. However the fact remains that they are also the most underserved in all aspects of their business especially in Digitalizing.

Digitalizing a Small business results in several key advantages for the SME's business notably, lower cost of customer acquisition, expands reachability, opens new opportunities & markets, delivers better operational efficiency & control, and lowers costs.

Propositions for SME's however needs to be affordable, easy to buy & use, simple to scale, flexible & all encompasing. Delivering such propositions needs the ability to build a bouquet of world class solutions and customer experience suited to SME's. @Cognisy our expertise is on building solutions and propositions that specifically suite the varied needs of SME's with products such as the SME Automation Suite that delivers end-to-end Digitalization for small business.

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Telecom VAS

The global mobile VAS market accounted for US$ 53.89 Bn in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.54% over the forecast period 2019-2027, to account for US$ 141.35 Bn by 2027. Growth in recent years in the mobile VAS market is primarily driven by the increasing need for digital content creation across industries such as animation, graphics, designing, medical & healthcare, education, banking, and retail among others coupled with the need to drive the revenues for the telecom operators, and the advent of OTT players.

With the evolution of bearer services (simply a carriage of other services or dumb pipe) becoming marginalized, the payload itself becomes the value and the simple carriage of data becomes a marginalized commodity. With this development, Value-added Service (VAS) applications become much more important to the network operators. With the marginalization of bearer services, there will be a growing dependence on Value-added Service (VAS) applications for initially top line revenue growth (as data growth tapers off and margins are squeezed) and then for margin growth as bearer services become a cost-plus commodity.

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Experience Centers

With the advent of the digital economy and the dynamics changes in the business landscape, more and more customers are looking to transform their business through digital. Under these circumstances it becomes necessary for customers to seek solutions through OTT providers, System Integration partners or Telecom providers for such solutions. In this world of touch and feel, POC's and trials, it becomes necessary to showcase such capabilities for customers to experience in a controlled and branded environment.

Today retail stores and shops are turning into Experience centers (much like when Apple introduced with its first AppleStore) and the same concept have evolved into the corporate world with Experience or Briefing Centers. @Cognisy we have extensive experience in designing & building experience centers for Telecom and Large Corporate Enterprises. We also assist in the BOT models for customers preferring to outsource the operations as well.

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Digital Oilfields & Mining

The World is seeing a manifold increase in global consumption for commodities such as Oil and Minerals due to upward trends in urbanization and industrialization. Globally these industries will tend to grow, but there are enormous challenges facing this industry needing to constantly optimize their cashflow, have access to huge capital and increase productivy to keep pace with growth and drive profits. This necessitates these industries to constantly focus on improving operational efficiency to stay ahead of the curve.

Digital solutions can help mining companies reduce complexity and optimize business and operational performance. Digitalization also could generate huge oportunities and savings in reducing CO2 emissions from an environment perspective and workforcase safety. Digitalization occurs primarily around 4 key innvation pillars in the Oilfield and Mining industry viz; Production Optimization, Improving Value Chain Efficiency, Asset Performance Management & Workforce Transformation. @Cognisy we focus on key digital solutions to drive transformation in this sector through Connected Fields & Mobility, Cloud Technologies, Sensing (IoT), Analytics & Security.

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Digital Skills Academy

Digital Skills Survey's usually find that between 52%-74% of organizations are involved in a digital transformation. This means that the roles, workplaces, workflows, and skill requirements are changing and fast. What does this mean for you, your team, and your company? And how do you prepare for the digital changes to come? Several trends in Data, Design, Development, Marketing, and Product Management show that what worked 2 years ago not longers works today. In face everyday there are significant changes in the marketplace and the workplace to need workforces to sharpen their digital skills for the coming times.

As the industry prepares to drive digital transformation initiatives, companies are looking to enhance their approach to reskilling their workforce, hiring strategies, processes, new technologies and building a digital-first culture ready to adapt to the pace of technology. Cognisy's Digital Skills Academy provides the training needed to reskill and retrain our customers workforce to be ready to address this new paradigm shift in today's Enterprise.

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